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Thursday, January 23, 2003
Mark Steyn's most recent National Post column rebuts the notion that Canada will ever be allowed to confederate with the US. According to Steyn, its Liberal government has exacerbated the differences between us and them over its term in office, and that Canada increasingly represents the European model of democracy, not the Anglospheric one. Any Canadian provinces to become states would, with the exception of Alberta, vote Democratic, which means that the Republicans would never let it happen. Maybe, he reasons, BC and Alberta could get in, since each party would get two Senators and the US would round out to be contiguous with Alaska.

He addresses the currency issue, too. Canada could make the dollar its currency, but it won't save any NHL franchises. The problem isn't a loss of faith in its currency; the loonie is slowly eroding against the greenback, not in freefall as in Argentina or El Salvador when they pegged their currencies to the dollar. The problem is in the way the economy is run, which over taxes, stifles wealth creation, and exports entertainers. Changing from one stable currency to another won't help.

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