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Tuesday, January 21, 2003
It's pretty clear by now that MLK Day has become the National Liberal Cause Holiday. I'm fine with MLK Day itself, I suppose, although I can't say the forced grouping of Washington's and Lincoln's Birthdays together in the bland Presidents' Day appeals very much to me. But a day meant for civil rights is increasingly being hijacked by trendy liberal ideas, who now use any excuse to invoke Dr. King's name on their behalf. His belief in non-violence is used to discredit national self-defense. And Mike Littwin, in the Rocky Mountain News, writes a column in which he ties gun control to MLK. I know De. King was killed by a gun - a high-powered rifle, though, not a handgun.

Why is this attempt to attach any and all left-wing political beliefs to Dr. King an less offensive than department store sales on Washington's Birthday?

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