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Monday, January 13, 2003
I was at home this morning, and caught the Independent Film Channel's Short Film reel that they show as filler every so often. The shorts can hold my attention, and I don't feel I'm missing anything by bolting in the middle. There was one film (by Monica Sharf, no relation) about a PI in New York who specializes in breaking up merchandise counterfeiting rings. Evidently, he does a lot of work in Chinatown, for some reason. Maybe Shaq can explain.

Anyway, he was discussing one guy in a red beret who seemed to own a street corner, not homeless, just always hanging out there, who tried to interfere with raids, sometimes forcefully. Once, he attacked the muscle, Andy, with pepper spray. Until Andy wrestled it away from him, shoved it up his nose, and emptied it into him. Since then, he's been pretty helpful.

This seems to confirm some basic truths about human nature. And ones that we should take to heart concerning our current war. Think of Saudi as the guy in the Red Beret.

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