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Monday, November 01, 2004

This Makes Me Feel Much Better 

Apparently, those Europeans think they have something to teach us about democracy:

"We will tell the people of Ohio whether their election is free and fair," said one of the observers, Hugo Coveliers, a Belgian senator who plans to monitor voting in Cleveland.


Nevertheless, the observers hope their presence will serve as a "preventative to the shenanigans," said Mr. Coveliers, the Belgian senator. "What [the voters] can be sure about is, if there are obvious shortcomings, an international organization of 55 countries will declare there are shortcomings."

Admittedly, some of the delegates are here to learn and observe, rather than play schoolmarm to a bunch of untutored country bumpkins from the frontier. Still, do you want this clown lecturing you on your electoral process?

Would you like to tell him what you think of his "organisation internationale de cinquante-cinq pays." Be polite, sil vous plait.

It would appear that he's one of the directly-election Belgian Senators, the Beligians having taken quotas to their logical conclusion and reserved 21 Senators to distinct ethnic groups. Perhaps, like the Guardian, we might consider a letter-writing campaign during the next Belgian elections, describing the immense damage that Monsieur Coveliers has done to our valuable and much-cherished bilateral relations.

Just a thought.

Hat Tip: Andrew Stuttaford at the NRO Corner

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