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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Yet More Messianics 

Scott, in his comments on the prior post, said that most JFJers he knows are "comfortable" with being called Christians. I don't have any reason to think Scott's lying. And yet, Messianic congregations call their houses of worship synagogues rather than churches, they wear distinctively Jewish clothing, including fringes and yarmulkes, they submit their Yellow Pages and Internet directory listings under "Houses of Worship - Jewish," not "Houses of Worship - Christian." (Only swift and united action by the Jewish community has encouraged directory managers - who usually don't have a dog in this fight - to change these listings.)
The evidence is all to the contrary of Scott's assertion.

Nevertheless, if these Messianics refer to themselves as Christian in private, it suggests either an identity crisis of Sybill-like proportions, or a moment of revealing private candor.

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