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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Israel to Help Spain 

The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel is preparing to send a forensic team to help identify the dead in Madrid:

An Israeli forensic team was on standby to travel to Madrid Thursday night following a formal request by Spanish rescue services to the Israeli Embassy for help in identifying the dead.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon expressed his "deep shock" at the horrible attack. He sent his consolations to King Juan Carlos, Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, and the Spanish people, and he wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Jacky Levy, spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Madrid, told The Jerusalem Post that it appeared that there were no Israeli casualties and that Spanish forensic experts had requested assistance from their Israeli counterparts.

In addition, the Mayor of Jerusalem has offered to send help as well, citing extensive local experience in this area.

Spain has been an erstwhile supporter of the US, but its diplomats, editorialists, and political cartoonists have been, er, less than supportive of Israel in its battle with terrorists. I can think of about 500 products that Israel would rather be able to export to Spain. But it sent these guys, anyway, with question, without hesitation, as was proper. When someone there starts to ask, "why are you here?" they'll stop themselves in the middle of the question. And the next time they see an attack in Israel, and there will be a next time, they'll think about what those guys they met are doing then.

None of this is in any way to suggest that Spain, or the innocents murdered in today's attack deserved what they got. Of course, they didn't. Spain has been an anchor of sanity in the European sea of short-sightedness and unenlightened self-interest. It's only to point out how Israel treats even countries that don't particularly like it - as people.

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