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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Long Arm of the Law...and the Weak Hand of Canada's 

After 27 years, the trial of an accused abductor and murderer of an American Indian activist is about to get underway in Rapid City, S.D. Caught up the violent world of 70s left-wing radical "politics" and "activism," the woman was abducted from her home in Denver and eventually killed. So Arlo Looking Cloud is now Arlo Looking-At-20-to-Life. His accused accomplice, John Graham, "was arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia, in December and is free on bond. He has said he will fight extradition to the United States."

No kidding. I'd fight extradition, too, if the choice were between South Dakota justice and a system that, should you suggest homosexuality is frowned on by the Bible, will speedily remove your job, bank account, and liberty, but lets accused murderers free on bond.

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