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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Liberals and Moderates

One of my favorite web sites, at least every two years, is Project Vote-Smart. It's been around, first as a gopher site and then as a web site, since at least 1994. Here are some selected, but representative, advocacy group ratings for Messrs. Edwards and Kerry.

Since Blogspot(TM) wants to make you scroll down to see the table, here's the punchline - except for the National Journal ratings, according to the advocacy groups, there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two.

Organization and YearSen. KerrySen. Edwards
Right-to-Life 2001-200200
Planned Parenthood 2001100100
NARAL 2001100100
Americans for Tax Reform 200300
National Taxpayers Union 20021818
American Bankers Association 200300
American Coalition for Ethanol 2002100100
U.S. Chamber of Commerce 20025555
Nat'l Fed. of Independent Business 2001-20022525
Small Business Survival Committee 2001-200277
ACLU 2001-20026060
ACLU 20007167
NAACP 2001-200210094
NAACP 200110095
NAACP 200093100
Human Rights Campaign 2001-2002100100
Human Rights Campaign 2001100100
Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants 1999-20006363
NEA 2000-200310096
League of Conservation Voters 2001-20029268
League of Conservation Voters 1999-20009488
Family Research Council 200300
Family Research Council 2000050
Children's Defense Fund 20019191
Children's Defense Fund 200090100
AAUW 2001-2002100100
Gun Owners of America 2003F
NRA 2002F
Brady Campaign 200210077
ABA Committee on Gun Violence 2001-2002100100
AFSCME 200288100
SEIU 200291100
AFL-CIO 200292100
ADA 20028570
National Journal 2002Liberal - Conservative
Economic Policy95 - 066 - 32
Foreign Policy73 - 2662 - 36
Social Policy82 - 056 - 38
Composite87 - 1363 - 37
People for the American Way 2001-20028585
Zero Population Growth 2000-2001100100

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