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Monday, September 22, 2003

For Clinton, It's All About Him

Bill Clinton attended Shimon Peres's 80th birthday party over the weekend, and for Clinton, it was all about him. Sure, Peres was the "youngest 80-year-old" he knew, but given some of Peres's recent comments, some of us suspect that's because he's entered his second childhood. For Bill, Bill is the standard against which all else must be measured:

"You started even younger than I and lasted longer," the former US president said.

"Here you are, leader of the opposition, sitting with the prime minister," Clinton said to Peres. "My opposition wouldn't sit in the same room as me."

Peres lasted longer because parliamentary systems don't have term limits. Clinton seems bound and determined to hang on to the spotlight as long as he can, in any event. And the second comment is vintage Clinton, making stuff up to poor-mouth an opposition, and paint himself as the pitiable victim. Get over it Bill. Maybe get back to writing that book you pocketed that advance for.

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