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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Don't Know Much About Sept 11- III

Today's Rocky report on the subject has a school administrator expressing concern that, "There are 30 kids in that class, and 25 might have handled (the video) just fine. But we need to think about those five other students." Does thisguy have any idea what 13-year-olds watch for entertainment?

This was real, this actually happened. People actually died. Right now, as we speak, Americans are putting their lives at risk to make sure it doesn't happen again, on a bigger scale, to them. They damn well ought to know about it, and it damn well ought to be disturbing, and if a couple of them run out into the hallway and throw up, then good. We can be sure they won't have to be taught twice.

These kids were 11 when those buildings collapsed, and if you don't remember the difference between 11 and 13, then go back to school for two days, one in each classroom, and look at the way the boys look at the girls. This is about the time the world starts to open up a little. They may have to be taught Sept. 11 as a history lesson already, but it's a good bet they didn't have a clue what it meant when it happened.

The school claims that he could have talked about Flight 93. But Flight 93 was only special and important because of 30 years of plane hijackings, and what had happened that day aboard the other planes. You can't just rip it free from context, say, something banal like "brave men fought back against hijackers and turned the plane from a bomb into a dart." They did so because they knew why these hijackings were different from all other hijackings. To answer context-free questions about "Let's Roll" and the technology of cell-phones would be like teaching about the Revolution as a series of battles, divorced from ideas.

It wasn't like he was showing snuff films. This was on CNN, easily available in every kid's home, and I'll guarantee you not one parent walks in and snaps off the news because of its content at their age. For the school district pretend that it was protecting these kids is absurd.

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