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Monday, July 07, 2003

More Redistricting

The New York Times Corrections page is a never-ending source of amusement and bemusement. Here's today's gem:

An article on Tuesday about redistricting in Texas misstated the period during which congressional districts have routinely been redrawn and misidentified the districts of Representatives Martin Frost and Lloyd Doggett. Redistricting after each census was the norm for much of the last century, but not for most of it. (The process became the norm after the Supreme Court ruled in 1964 that large population imbalances between districts violated the principle of one person one vote.) Mr. Frost represents the Dallas-Fort Worth area (not Austin) and Mr. Doggett the Austin area (not Houston).

Given that the Democrats' entire argument-from-principle (you can't do that!), as opposed to their argument-from-interest (you can't do that to us!) rests on the once-a-decade notion, this is more than a simple mistake. It turns a tricycle into an unbalanced bicycle. Speaking of which, maybe it's time the Times started over again, with the training wheels.

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