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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Whether it's good news or bad, there's a hell of a lot of it today. Let's start with the Washington Times, which has a report on the nuts and bolts of Evangelical support for Israel. The case study is Denver's own Faith Bible Chapel (I actually have met Cheryl Morrison, and she's a little scary, truth be told) and its support for Ariel (site only available in Hebrew). Evidently, 25 of their congregants made the trip to Ariel to work there. I hope as many Jews from here are able to go this Summer.

While I welcome any friends we can get, and I certainly welcome the morphing of Christianity from a religion that blames me personally for Easter into one that pins its hope for the redemption on my physical security, I also want to make sure that Israel is capable of acting on its own. One of the great fears of the anti-Zionists was that Israel wouldn't be anything more than a puppet for one or another of the great powers. It's important that these people understand that final security decisions rest in the hands of the Jews running their country, and not based on Christian ideology.

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