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Commentary from the Mile High City
Sunday, March 30, 2003
I'm not sure what all the blathering about having miscalculated the number of troops we'd need is about. The troops being sent over were due to be in theater weeks ago, and as soon as it looked like Turkey really would keep us out, we started sending the ships south towards the Suez Canal. These troops were supposed to be in the north, but it's not clear that would have affected the fighting in the south all that much. The pause to regroup, and let the Air Force take care of softening up the Guard was planned - as soon as the troops crossed the border, one of Fox News's embeddees was reporting that they were to take 5 days' food and water with them. That means they were expected to be on their own for that long, and then they'd take stock and go from there.

I'm sorry. We may have had to divert some troops to protect lines of communication, but those troops were never in the plan anyway, and our timetable for moving was obvious from a week or two beforehand, given the deadlines we were willing to accept, and the weather constraints we have to deal with. Jed Babbin probably has it right - there's some disgruntled Clinton holdover in the Pentagon who's got it in for Rumsfeld. It's disgraceful, and it's having real effects on the home front's perceptions of this campaign.

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