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Americans Against Terrorism
Neil Dobro

For Immediate Release:

Nationís First ANTI-Anti-War Rally to be Held in Denver

Group Americans Against Terrorism says:

FREE IRAQ from Saddam

A widely-endorsed rally against Saddam Hussein has been called for the steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building on Sunday, February 16 at 1:30 pm.

The grassroots group Americans Against Terrorism says "Rally for America" will be the nationís first ANTI-Anti-war rally. They are raising the slogans "FREE IRAQ from Saddam", "Support Americaís Troops", and "America, Israel, and the Free World: United Against Terror."

The rally has been endorsed by U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo, State Senate Majority Leader John Andrews, State Senator Bruce Cairns, two of the stateís largest religious institutions: Faith Bible Chapel and Congregation BMH-BJ, plus veteran and Asian groups, among others.

Americans Against Terrorism was formed last Fall to protest the appearance of former Palestinian Authority spokeswoman Hannan Ashrawi at last yearís Colorado College commemoration of Sept 11. The group helped organize and transport hundreds of people from Denver to a rally at the college in Colorado Springs.

Spokesman Neil Dobro said in a statement: "The majority of people in this country arenít foolish enough to think that we can afford to sit passively by in the War on Terrorism. Can there be any doubt that state-supported terrorism is taking aim at the U.S.A. now? Do the anti-war protestors suggest that we wait until our water supply is poisoned, until chemical gas is released from a crate in a downtown area somewhere, or until a vial of deadly virus is dropped in a subway system and carried underground? Itís time that we in the majority begin to raise our voices over those who think we can wait for that kind of proof or that we can appease our enemies with some deal. The regime of Saddam Hussein is simply evil. It is a powerful clique of tyranny against its own people and intimidation of both Arabs and Jews in the Middle East. Those who oppose military action to stop Saddam give him aid either inadvertently or by design. Itís our hope that this action will serve as a model to others around the country and the world."

Americans Against Terrorism

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